Azerbaijani-American Rally in Houston

Azerbaijani-American community stands with Azerbaijan, president Aliyev and 1 million Azerbaijani refugees that fled #Karabakh 28 years ago.
Azerbaijanis all over the United States and Europe organized peaceful protests to show the unity and support. On October 28th Azerbaijanis in Texas gathered in front of Houston City Hall for the same purpose.

#Karabakh is not a disputed territory. It is internationally recognized territory of #Azerbaijan.


24th Annual Turkish Festival in Houston, Tx

The 24th annual Houston Turkish Festival took place at the Jones Plaza on Saturday and Sunday November 14th and 15th, 2015.

Azerbaijan Center and HBSCA took part in the Turkish Festival.  This year’s Festival differed from previous ones.  This year various countries of the world took part in the Festival activities including arrangement of information booths, folk fashion shows, musical performances.  Visitors of Azerbaijan booth got acquainted with the traditional food, cultural peculiarities, national art and history of the country.  By tradition a ceramics artist Saida Hagverdi had a workshop where she demonstrated the sculpturing technique to the visitors of her booth.  Azerbaijan National Dress fashion show  has been presented by Mehriban, Kamran and Baby Orhan. Musical Band “Autesh” performed beautiful songs of  Azerbaijani composers, solo by Kamiyar.

Overall there was a wonderful and friendly environment at the Festival uniting different nations who live in Houston. Everyone enjoyed Delicious Turkish Foods and Pastries; took a sip of Turkish coffee and had their coffee cup fortune read; learned about and took part in Traditional Turkish Arts & Crafts and oriental dances performed by the world famous Turkish folk band, TUANA; dedicated children’s activity area with fun filled activities from balloon clowns, face painting to a magic show and storytelling; listen to live Turkish music performances; enjoyed a traditional attire fashion show and perused the Grand Bazaar offering modern and traditional arts and crafts from various lands.

The Kids venue had a dedicated children’s corner that will be filled will fun activities.

Cultural events included lectures on a wide variety of topics from history of Sufism and Rumi to Christian sites of Turkey, from ecological and biological treasures of Turkey to its economic role in the Eurasia region, and concerts of various artists, cultural exhibitions as well a very colorful Grand Bazaar

Great thanks going to the volunteers who helped to promote Azerbaijan culture at the Festival and provided support during the Festival.

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Meeting at the Austin Capitol

On November 11th , 2015 new appointed Governor of Texas Greg Abbott met with the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to the US Elin Suleymanov, Councelor of the Azerbaijan Embassy Mammad Talibov,  and CEO of Houston Azerbaijan Center Irada Akhoundova in the Texas State Capitol. 

The Ambassador gave an overview of the main points of the effective cooperation between the US and Azerbaijan in such areas as energy supplies, fighting against terrorism and others. Elin Suleymanov noted a significant role of Azerbaijan Center and its Director Irada Akhoundova in successful organization of the important events such as an international conference “The Southern Gas Corridor in European Energy” and a celebration of Azerbaijan National holiday – Flag Day. Irada Akhoundova provided an insight about mission and purpose of the Azerbaijan Center in Houston. Governor Abbott extended his appreciation for the contributions of Azerbaijan Community in Texas and suggested that the relationship between Texas and Azerbaijan should be expanded.

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