Azerbaijani-American Rally in Houston

Azerbaijani-American community stands with Azerbaijan, president Aliyev and 1 million Azerbaijani refugees that fled #Karabakh 28 years ago.
Azerbaijanis all over the United States and Europe organized peaceful protests to show the unity and support. On October 28th Azerbaijanis in Texas gathered in front of Houston City Hall for the same purpose.

#Karabakh is not a disputed territory. It is internationally recognized territory of #Azerbaijan.


Liberation of Shusha

After 28 years of occupation by Armenia, today, on November 8 #Shusha city of #Azerbaijan is liberated by the Azerbaijani Army!!!

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev announced on Sunday that the Azerbaijan army has liberated Shusha city which was captured on 08 May 1992 by the Armenian Forces. “After 28 years, the Azerbaijani army officially liberated the city of Shusha from the Armenian occupation.