30th of December Azerbaijan Solidarity Day and 2013 New Year Celebration at the Cultural Center


Every year on December 31st, Azerbaijanis around the world celebrate Solidarity Day, a day of victory and unity for Azerbaijani people all over the world.

On December 30th 2012, friends, guests, and members of Houston’s Azerbaijani community joined at the newly opened Azerbaijani Cultural Center in the historic Montrose neighbourhood as part of Houston’s own Solidarity Day celebration.548031_10151395073894236_542684979_n[1]

This day of celebration included networking opportunities, delicious Azerbaijani foods and drinks, and of course, no Azerbaijani event is complete without dancing, singing and lively music.  We were also honoured to have Ali Haghshenas, a member of the Houston – Azerbaijani community, who played beautiful Azerbaijani music on the garmon, a traditional Azerbaijani musical instrument similar to an accordion.


Solidarity Day was first celebrated in 1989 when at the Conference of the Turkish-speaking countries held in Istanbul, it was agreed that December 31st would be a day of celebration of the solidarity of Azerbaijanis around the world.190643_10151395073679236_2043740506_n[1]

Solidarity Day is unique in that despite being a national holiday in Azerbaijan it is celebrated by Azerbaijanis globally.  It presents an opportunity for the organization and consolidation of Azerbaijanis living in foreign countries and offers them the opportunity to maintain strong ties to their homeland and culture.